The Pro kabaddi 2022 League’s schedule has been released. There are two phases in the ninth season of PKL. The first phase’s schedule has been made public. There will be 66 overall matches in the first phase of PKL season 9. The schedule for the second phase of PKL season 9 is quite different, it won’t be made public until October. All three Indian locations where the ninth season will be held are Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru.

Pro Kabbadi League

Pro Kabaddi 2022 PKL (Season 9)

The first half of the Pro Kabaddi season 9 fixture for 2022 will going to begin on October 7, 2022, at one of the three selected venues, which is Bengaluru’s Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, To the report of Mashal Sports the official league’s organizer. The following round will take place in October at Balewadi, Pune, and will take place at the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex.

Name of the SportsPro Kabaddi League (PKL) 9
Start from7 October 2022
Hosting CountryIndia
Number of Teams12 Teams
Most WinnersPatna Pirates (3 times CHAMPIONS)
Current ChampionsDabang Delhi
VenuePhase 1: Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Phase 2: Shri Shivchatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Short Info about Pro kabaddi 2022

The schedule of the second phase matches of Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 will be released by the termination of October. The Pro kabaddi 2022 League’s Fixture for 66 matches of PKL season 9 has been released. Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad will be the three venues where the ninth season of Pro Kabaddi would be challenged. Bengaluru will host the league’s opening round of matches, and Pune will host the league’s second round which will begin on October 27, 2022.

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Pro Kabaddi: Khel Now

Pro kabaddi 2022: Teams And Players Squad

The league manifestly has come a long way since its establishment in 2014, both in terms of assemblage as well as in its finances, and has definately helped hype the native Indian sport on a recognized level. Ahead of the league’s ninth season, we take a detailed look at the 12 squads , players name with thier position on the field.

Bengaluru Bulls Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

Bengaluru bulls
Bengaluru Bulls: Pro Kabaddi
Player Name Position
Vikash Kandola Raiders
Harmanjit SinghRaiders
Nageshor TharuRaiders
Neeraj NarwaRaiders
Lal Mohar YadavRaiders
More G BRaiders
Saurabh NandalDefenders
Mahendra SinghDefenders
Yash HoodaDefenders
Mayur Jagannath KadamDefenders
Vinod Lachmayya NaikDefenders
Rohit KumarDefenders
Rahul KhatikAll-Rounders
Sachin NarwalAll-Rounders

Bengal Warriors Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

bengal warriors
Bengal Warriors: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Shrikant JadhavRaiders
Aslam Saja Mohamed ThambiRaiders
Maninder SinghRaiders
R GuhanRaiders
Suyog Baban GaikaRaiders
Parshant KumarRaiders
Akash PikalmundeRaiders
Girish ErnakDefenders
Amit SheoranDefenders
Parveen SatpalDefenders
Shubham ShindeDefenders
Soleiman PahlevaniDefenders
Surender NadaDefenders
Sakthivel RDefenders
Vaibhav Bhausaheb GarjeDefenders
Deepak Niwas HoodAll-Rounders
Ajinkya Rohidas KapreAll-Rounders
Ashish Kumar SangwanAll-Rounders
Vinod KumarAll-Rounders
Balaji DAll-Rounders
Manoj Gowda K.All-Rounders

Dabang Delhi K.C Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

danbang delhi
Dabang Delhi K.C: Pro kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Naveen KumarRaiders
Suraj PanwarRaiders
Ashish NarwalRaiders
Ashu MalikRaiders
Sandeep Kumar (Dhull)Defenders
Vishal Defenders
Amit HoodaDefenders
Anil Kumar Defenders
Md. Liton AliDefenders
Ravi Kumar Defenders
Krishan Defenders
Vinay KumarDefenders
Vijay All-Rounders
Reza KatouilinezhadAll-Rounders
Tejas Maruti PatilAll-Rounders

Gujrat Giants Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

Gujrat Giants: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Chandran RanjitRaiders
Pardeep KumarRaiders
Dong Geon LeeRaiders
Sonu SinghRaiders
Mahendra Ganesh RajputRaiders
Purna SinghRaiders
Gaurav ChhikaraRaiders
Parteek DhaiyaRaiders
Sohit Raiders
Baldev SinghDefenders
Ujjval SinghDefenders
Sourav GuliaDefenders
Vinod KumarDefenders
YoungChang KoDefenders
Rinku Narwal Defenders
Sandeep KandolaDefenders
Akram ShaikhAll-Rounders
Shankar Bhimraj GadaiAll-Rounders
Rohan SinghAll-Rounders

Haryana Steelers Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

Haryana Steelers: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Rakesh narwalRaiders
K. PrapanjanRaiders
Mohammad EsmaeilRaiders
Manish GuilaRaiders
Lovepreet SinghRaiders
Jogendra Singh NarwalDefenders
Amirhossien BastamiDefenders
Reza KatouilinezhadAll-Rounders

Patna Pirates Players List For Pro Kbaddi 2022

patna pirates
Patna Pirates: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Sushil GuilaRaiders
Vishwas SRaiders
Anand Surendra TomarRaiders
Ranjit Venkataramana NaikRaiders
Anuj KumarRaiders
Rohit Raiders
Neeraj KumarDefenders
Thiyagarajan YuvarajDefenders
Naveen SharmaDefenders
Shivam ChaudhariDefenders
Rohit GuilaAll-Rounders
Mohammadreza ShadlouiAll-Rounders
Sajin ChandrasekarAll-Rounders
Sagar Kumar All-Rounders
Daniel Omondi All-Rounders
Abdul Insamam SAll-Rounders

Jaipur Pink Panthers Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

jaipur panthers
Jaipur Pink Panthers: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Ajith V KumarRaiders
Arjun DesaiRaiders
Rahul ChaudhariRaiders
Nitin PanwarRaiders
Navneet Raiders
Bhawani RajputRaiders
Sunil Kumar Defenders
Abhishek KSDefenders
Sahul KumarDefenders
Deepak Defenders
Woosan KODefenders
Lucky SharmaDefenders
Reza MirbagheriDefenders
Nitin ChandelDefenders
Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade All-Rounders

Puneri Paltan Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

puneri paltan
Puneri Paltan: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Aslam Mustafa InamdarRaiders
Mohit GoyatRaiders
Aditya Tushar ShindeRaiders
Askash Santosh ShindeRaiders
Pankaj MohiteRaiders
Shubham Nitin ShelkeRaiders
Fazel AtrachaliDefenders
Sombir Defenders
Adal Taqdir SinghDefenders
Abinesh NadarajanDefenders
Sanket SawanDefenders
Alankar Kaluram PatilDefenders
Balasaheb Shahaji JadhavDefenders
D MahindraprasadDefenders
Rakesh Bhale RamDefenders
Harsh Mahesh LadDefenders
Mohammad Esmaeil MabibakshAll- Rounder
Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade All-Rounders

Tamil Thalaivas Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

tamil thala
Tamil Thalaivas: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Pawan KumarRaiders
Ajinkya Ashok PawarRaiders
M. AbishekDefenders
Md. Arif RabbaniDefenders
Arpit SahoraDefenders
Visvanath V.All-Rounders
Thanushan LaxmamohaAll-Rounders
K. Abhimanyu All-Rounders

Telugu Titans Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

telugu Sportskeeda
Telugu Titans: Sportskeeda
Player NamePosition
Abhishek SinghRaiders
Monu GoyatRaiders
Siddharth Sirish DesaiRaiders
Ankit BeniwalRaiders
Aman KadianRaiders
Surjeet Singh Defenders
Parvesh BhainswalDefenders
Vishal BharadwajDefenders
Adarsh T Defenders
Ravinder PahalDefenders
Viajy Kumar Defenders
Nitin Defenders
Mohit PahalDefenders
Muhammed Shihas SDefenders
Mohsen Maghsoudlou JafariAll-Rounders
K. HanumanthuAll-Rounders
Hamid Mirzaei NaderAll-Rounders

U Mumba Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

u mumba
U Mumba: Pro Kabaddi
Player NamePosition
Guman SinghRaiders
Jai BhagwanRaiders
Heidarali EkramiRaiders
Pranay vinay RaneRaiders
Surinder SinghDefenders
Shivansh Thakur Defenders
Kiran Laxman MagarDefenders
Harendra KumarDefenders
Mohit Defenders
Gholamabbas KoroukiAll-Rounders

U.P Yoddhas Players List For Pro Kabaddi 2022

up fantasy sports king
U.P Yoddhas: Fantsay Sports King
Player NamePosition
Pardeep NarwalRaiders
Nitin TomarRaiders
Ratan KRaiders
James Namaba KamwetiRaiders
Gulveer SinghRaiders
Surender GillRaiders
Anil KumarRaiders
Durgesh KumarRaiders
Rohit TomarRaiders
Abozar Mohajer MighaniDefenders
Babu MurugasanDefenders
Nitesh KumarDefenders
Ashu SinghDefenders
Shubham KumarDefenders
Nehal Desai All-Rounders
Nitin PanwarAll-Rounders

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Pro Kabaddi 2022 Complete Games Fixture for the First Phase

The First Phase of Pro Kabaddi 2022 PKL season 9 will be held at Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. Here is the complete games fixture of all the 66 matches which will be played in the first phase of season 9, which is going to start on October 7,2022.

DateFixtureTime in IST
October 7Dabang Delhi vs U Mumba7:30 PM
October 7Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans8:30 PM
October 7Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddhas9:30 PM
October 8Patna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan7:30 PM
October 8Gujarat Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas8:30 PM
October 8Bengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers9:30 PM
October 9Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates7:30 PM
October 9Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors8:30 PM
October 9Puneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls9:30 PM
October 10U Mumba vs UP Yoddhas7:30 PM
October 10Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat Giants8:30 PM
October 11Haryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas7:30 PM
October 11Patna Pirates vs Telugu Titans8:30 PM
October 12Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors7:30 PM
October 12UP Yoddhas vs Dabang Delhi8:30 PM
October 14Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba7:30 PM
October 14Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers8:30 PM
October 14Gujarat Giants vs Puneri Paltan9:30 PM
October 15Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat Giants7:30 PM
October 15Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi8:30 PM
October 15Bengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates9:30 PM
October 16Puneri Paltan vs U Mumba7:30 PM
October 16UP Yoddhas vs Bengaluru Bulls8:30 PM
October 17Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates7:30 PM
October 17Dabang Delhi vs Haryana Steelers8:30 PM
October 18Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink Panthers7:30 PM
October 18Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan8:30 PM
October 19Gujarat Giants vs UP Yoddhas7:30 PM
October 19Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas8:30 PM
October 21U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers7:30 PM
October 21Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors8:30 PM
October 21Patna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi9:30 PM
October 22U Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls7:30 PM
October 22Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans8:30 PM
October 22Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat Giants9:30 PM
October 23Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates7:30 PM
October 23UP Yoddhas vs Tamil Thalaivas8:30 PM
October 25Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers7:30 PM
October 25Telugu Titans vs Haryana Steelers8:30 PM
October 26Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba7:30 PM
October 26Dabang Delhi vs Bengal Warriors9:30 PM
October 28Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers7:30 PM
October 28Haryana Steelers vs Puneri Paltan8:30 PM
October 28Patna Pirates vs UP Yoddhas9:30 PM
October 29Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi7:30 PM
October 29Telugu Titans vs Gujarat Giants8:30 PM
October 29Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba9:30 PM
October 30Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls7:30 PM
October 30Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang Delhi8:30 PM
October 31Gujarat Giants vs Patna Pirates7:30 PM
October 31UP Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans8:30 PM
November1 Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi7:30 PM
November1Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls8:30 PM
November2U Mumba vs Telugu Titans7:30 PM
November2Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas8:30 PM
November4Patna Pirates vs U Mumba7:30 PM
November4Dabang Delhi vs Jaipur Pink Panthers8:30 PM
November4UP Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan9:30 PM
November5Gujarat Giants vs Bengal Warriors7:30 PM
November5Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans8:30 PM
November5Haryana Steelers vs UP Yoddhas9:30 PM
November6Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants7:30 PM
November6Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas8:30 PM
November7U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers7:30 PM
November7Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers8:30 PM
November8Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddhas7:30 PM


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