10 Best Chrome Extensions for Frontend Web Developer

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Window Resizer

A window resizer extension is a type of browser extension that allows users to resize their browser windows quickly and easily. 

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When you visit a website, Wappalyzer scans the page and provides information about the software used to build it. 


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CSS Viewer

This extension allows you to inspect and copy CSS styles on any webpage. Simply hover over an element, and the extension will display its CSS properties.

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On Grepper, users can search for code snippets by entering keywords, programming languages, or specific error messages. 

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Web Developer

This extension allows you to accomplish tasks with the click of a button, such as viewing javascript, resizing images, among many more.

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WhatFont is a useful tool for web designers, developers, and anyone who wants to know more about the fonts used on a webpage. It supports a wide range of font formats.

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This extension includes a CSS viewer that allows you to inspect the CSS styles of any element on a webpage, as well as a color picker and other web development tools. 

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The extension allows developers to test their web applications directly from their browser without having to leave their development environment.

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Session Buddy

Session Buddy is one of the most popular session managers that allows the developers to manage their tabs by saving the open tabs as collections to be restored later.

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Lamda Test

With LambdaTest Chrome Extension, you can perform live-interactive and automated cross browser testing of your websites and web pages directly from your browser tab.

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