Shivam Singh | 17 Feb, 2024

5 Key Updates Coming to iOS 18 For iPhones

Image | MacRumors 

Image | MacRumors   

Here are five key updates expected in iOS 18 which focusing on user experience improvements and new tech introductions.

Image | Beebom   

 Enhancing messaging between iPhones and Android devices with features like higher-resolution media, read receipts, and improved group chats​

RCS Support

Image | Apple   

Siri will get smarter with new AI tech, making it better at answering questions and completing tasks​.

Smarter Siri

Image | Unsplash   

Broad AI integrations across various apps, aiming to make iOS more intelligent and user-friendly.

AI Features Across Apps

Image | Unsplash   

A pause in development to address bugs early on, indicating a focus on delivering a stable and reliable update​.

Focus on Stability

Image | Apple   

 Expected updates to design elements, along with security and performance enhancements​.

Desing & Performance

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