Shivam Singh | 05 Feb, 2024

5 Most Valuable Tech Companies in the World (2024)

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Here are the 5 most valuable tech companies of 2024 in the world, leading the industry with innovation and financial strength. 

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Apple is a big American tech company, worth $2.865 trillion. They make popular things like iPhones, iPads, and also have services like Apple Music and Apple TV+.


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Another huge American tech company, Microsoft is worth $2.754 trillion. They make computer stuff like Microsoft 365 and Windows, and also have a service called Azure.


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 This is the parent company of Google and a few other companies, and it's worth $1.746 trillion. They do things on the internet, like advertising and search engines.

Alphabet Inc.

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Amazon is a global tech company, valued at $1.534 trillion. They do lots of things online, like selling stuff, streaming videos, and providing cloud services through Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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A big South Korean company worth $388 billion. They make lots of different things, like smartphones, tablets, and home appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

Samsung Group

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