Shivam Singh | 22 Feb, 2024

5 YouTube Channels for Mastering AI

Image | Unsplash

Image | Unsplash   

Explore the 5 AI YouTube channels for expert tutorials, the latest research, and coding examples. Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals.

Image | Matt Wolfe/YouTube   

Matt Wolfe has 214 tech videos, mainly on AI, offering insights and reviews on his YouTube channel. It's a good place to learn about AI developments and tools easily.

Matt Wolfe

Image | AI Explained/YouTube

There's a YouTube channel that simplifies AI for everyone, whether you're a beginner or an expert. It reviews the latest AI gadgets and explores their future impact..

AI Explained

Image | Two Minute Papers/YouTube   

The Two Minute Papers channel condenses AI and machine learning research into 2-minute videos, making it easy for busy people to stay updated.

Two Minute Papers

Image | DeepLearning.AI/YouTube  

DeepLearning.AI, started by Andrew Ng in 2017, is a popular online learning platform for AI, offering high-quality courses and building a community around AI education.


Image | Siraj Raval/YouTube   

Siraj Raval’s channel makes learning AI fun, combining education with entertainment to explore creative uses of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Siraj Raval

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