Decoding Gemini AI: 7 Easy Tests to Explore its Powers

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Technology | Published Dec 11, 2023

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In this story, we will make you aware about the capabilities and powers of Gemini AI by using some simple tests.

Give Gemini some notes with pictures of random letters like C, B, and A and ask it to put them in order. Gemini puts A, B, and C in exactly that order. "

Logic Test

Direct Gemini to recognize the movie from four charades frames,  By analyzing body language, Gemini accurately identifies the scene from the movie.

Patterns and Dialog Test

Instruct Gemini to elaborate on a classic magic trick involving a disappearing coin, showcasing its systematic process and utilizing multimodal reasoning.

Magical Techniques Test

Organize a cup shuffling game and have Gemini identify and justify the swaps, It accurately identifies the cup swaps and offers an overview of the entire game.

Cup Shuffling Test

Instruct Gemini to transform a sketched scene of birds and mountains into musical form. It provides creative and genre-specific musical suggestions.

Music Search Tools Test

Ask Gemini to find countries on a map and create clues for a guessing game. It accurately recognizes countries, handling both right and wrong answers.

Guess Work Test

Ask Gemini to write code for a countdown timer with emojis, Gemini not only generates the code but adds a touch of uniqueness by providing a variety of original emoticons.

Coding Ability Test

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