7 Hidden Features of Truecaller You Should Know About

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Technology | Published Dec 19 2023

This feature ensures that important messages won't be missed.

Flash Message

Truecaller's Call Reason feature informs you about the identity of the caller and the purpose of their call.

Call Reason 

Truecaller's passcode lock feature helps you to lock your messages.

Passcode Lock

Truecaller's file-sharing functionality allows users to share media files of up to 100 MB.

File Sharing Feature

By using this feature you can edit the messages you have already sent to someone.

Edit Message

This feature comes with a robust spam detection system that can identify and block spam calls automatically.

Spam Call Blocking

This functionality automatically organizes spam messages, ensuring that important messages are not overlooked.

Smart SMS Feature

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