BGMI Domination: 8 Best BGMI Tips and Tricks 

Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help players improve their skills and strategies in BGMI

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 Choose your landing spot carefully. High-traffic areas can offer good loot but can be dangerous.

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 Good Landing Spot

 After landing, quickly gather weapons, ammunitions, armor, and healing items.

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Loot Efficiently

 Headshots deal more damage, so always aim for your opponent's head to win a fight.

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Aim for Headshots

Keep an eye on the map, Avoid the blue zone, and position yourself in the center to have a better chance.

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Map Awareness

Vehicles can be useful for fast travel, but they also make you more visible. Use them strategically.

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Vehicle Usage

Always use cover when engaging enemies. Trees, rocks,, and even the terrain can be used to your advantage.

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Use Cover

Grenades can be game-changers. Use them to flush out enemies from cover, damage them before pushing.

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Use Grenades

Avoid standing still for too long. Moving unpredictably makes you a harder target for snipers.

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Keep Moving

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