Shivam Singh | 12 Feb, 2024

Apple iPad Pro 2024: Price and Expected Features

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The Apple iPad Pro 2024 is expected to feature several significant upgrades and new features. Here's a summary of what to expect based on current rumors.

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The new iPad Pros will have OLED screens, which are a big improvement over the current screens. OLEDs look better, use less power, and show colors more accurately.

OLED Displays

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The screen sizes will be slightly bigger, going from 11 inches to 11.1 inches and 12.9 inches to 13 inches.

Bigger Screen Sizes

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The cameras on the iPad Pro are getting better, This includes new features for taking better photos and videos.

Camera Improvements

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You might be able to get an iPad Pro with up to 4TB of storage. The base model could start with 256GB and RAM up to 24GB or 32GB.

Increased Storage Options

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The new iPad Pros, due to OLED screens, may start at ₹1,16,250 for the smaller model and ₹1,39,500 for the larger one.

Expected Prices

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