Apple iPhone has 25 New Accessibility Tools which will Amazed You

We've already seen iOS 16.1 and 16.2 updates for iPhone, there weren't any newly added Accessibility features beyond a small icon change and a rumored-to-come-soon feature. However, iOS 16.0 still gave us plenty to take advantage of.

Apple designed the new iOS 16 accessibility features with people with disabilities in mind, but more and more users are adopting them because they can greatly improve the user experience.

Here are the lists of 25 New Surprising Accessibility Tools for your Apple iPhone

1.Control Nearby Devices

2.Image Descriptions in Magnifier

3.Image Descriptions in Magnifier

4.Detection Mode in Magnifier

5.Activities in Magnifier

6. Live Captions for Audio, Video, and Calls

7. Apple Watch Mirroring

8. More Languages for Voice-Over and Speak Tools

9. More Voices for Voice-Over and Speak Tools

10. More Voice-Over Programming Settings

11. Voice-Over Starting Point Detection in Maps

12. Buddy Controller for Games

13. Siri Pause Time

14. Custom Sounds for Sound Recognition

15. Voice Control Spelling Mode

16. More Voice Control Commands

17. Apple Books Customization

18. Prevent Lock to End Call

19. Hey Siri, Hang Up

20. Auto-Answer Calls Switching with Hey Siri

21. Announce Notifications Without Earphones

22. More Back Tap Options

23. More Accessibility Shortcut

24. Show Zoom While Mirroring

25. Add Audiograms to Health

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