Apple's 2024 Lineup: 5 New Features to Watch Out For

TechieBundle | Published By Shivam Singh Technology | Published On 07 Jan, 2024

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Smarter Siri

Apple's Siri is getting smarter in the 2024 iPhone update (iOS 18). It will use advanced language tech to help users automate tasks effortlessly, especially in the Shortcut app.

Image | Apple

RCS Messaging Support

Apple's Message app on iPhones will support RCS (Rich Communication Services) in the 2024 iOS 18 update for better cross-platform messaging.

Image | AppleInsider

Next-Gen CarPlay

Apple has revealed the next-gen CarPlay system, working together with carmakers like Aston Martin and Porsche.It is Likely to be revealed this year.

Image | Bentley Motors

Collaborative Playlists

If you use Apple Music, there's a new feature called Collaborative Playlist coming your way in 2024. Where, multiple people can add, change, and remove songs in a shared playlist.

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Stolen device Protection

Apple has added a stronger security feature to protect your iPhone from theft. It gives an extra layer of defense in case your device is stolen, especially if someone tries to break your passcode.

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