Best BGMI  Weapons and Loadouts  to Dominate TDM

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Gaming | Published Jan 04 2024

M416 Loadouts

Compensator – Reduces horizontal recoil

Half Grip – Further improves stability

Red Dot Sight – Clear optic for mid-range engagements

Extended Quickdraw Magazine – Faster reloads and more ammo capacity

Image | TalkEsport


AKM Loadouts

Compensator – Critical for managing recoil

Halfgrip or Vertical Grip – To control recoil

Red Dot or Holographic Sight – Preferred optics for mid-range

Extended Quickdraw Mag – More bullets and faster reload

Image |  Sportzwiki


UMP45 Loadouts

Half Grip – To further improve sprays

Stock – For improving movement speed

Red Dot Sight – Clear optic for mid-range engagements

Extended Quickdraw Mag – Faster reload and more bullets

Image | BMG


Vector Loadouts

Iron Sights – Saves attachment slot

Vertical Grip – Control vertical recoil 

Compensator – Critical to control horizontal recoil

Extended Quickdraw Mag – For faster reload and ammo capacity

Image | Zilliongamer


Kar98 Loadouts

Cheek Pad – For quicker scoping

8x Scope – For long-range magnification

Suppressor – Keeps you hidden after firing shots

Bullet Loops – Faster reloads between shots

Image | Infinity YT


SKS Loadouts

Cheek Pad – Faster scoping 

Bullet Loops – Quick reloads to keep firing

4x Scope – Provides clear optic for most ranges

Compensator – Keeps shots on target for consecutive hits

Image | Krafton


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