Bharti Airtel has launched 5G in 14 cities now

Bharti Airtel is currently rolling out 5G in 14 cities. The latest launch came on Monday when the telecom company announced that its 5G Plus service will be available in Shimla.

Airtel 5G Cities Complete List

Shimla Hyderabad Bengaluru  Chennai  Gurugram Patna Guwahati Nagpur Siliguri Delhi Mumbai Varanasi Lucknow  Panipat

Airtel also said that Hyderabadis can now experience 5G at a wider scale inside the city.

Airtel has expanded the reach of its 5G network for daily commuters, so train stations, subways and bus stations can now experience 5G as well.

Airtel's 5G is available to any of his Airtel 4G customers who own a 5G-enabled smartphone.

Airtel is the only telecom operator in India that has deployed 5G commercially whereas Jio is still in the beta phase.

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