Free Fire Max OB42 Update: 5 New Features That'll Blow Your Mind

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The Free Fire OB42 Winter update is live, introducing new features like a character, in-game currency, map changes, and an improved zone rotation system. Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience

New Features of Free Fire Max 

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After the update, FF coins matter more. Defeating enemies gets you 100 FF coins, but quitting costs you 60% of your earnings, and losses leave you with only 30%. Choose your moves wisely.

Coin Machine for FF Coins

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Update brings the Active Skill Card, allowing you to use an extra skill specific to the card's character just once. It is available for characters like Clu, Chrono, Homer, Alok, Kenta, Steffie, A124, and Skyler.

Active Skill Card

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The Portal Go device can be purchased with FF coins and allows players to teleport instantly from one location to another. To use it, simply deploy it from your current spot to your desired destination.

Portal Go

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The Free Fire OB42 update has brought a new zone rotation system. After the update, the safe zone won't only shrink but also move towards different directions of the map.

Zone Rotation

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In this Free Fire OB42 update, meet Ignis, a new character with an active skill called Flame Mirage. It creates a fiery screen that inflicts a burning effect, reducing enemy HP by 30 initially and 10 per second.

Characters and pets

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