Free Fire OB42 APK Update Complete Details

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Garena released free fire OB42 update apk with a lot of new features, skins, and more. check out each and every details.

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Free Fire OB42 Update

The expected release date for the Free Fire OB42 Advanced Server is around October 8th-10th.

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OB42 APK Release Date

The Android APK file size for OB42 version is 1 GB. When download, it loads an additional 600 MB.

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APK File Size

Here’s how gamers can download the latest version OB42 Apk version of Garena Free Fire.

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How to Download

 Go to the official website, Click on 'APK download' button once it becomes available to receive your OB42 Advanced Server APK file.

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Step 1

Click the ‘install’ button / update button given on the webpage. Now, the download will start after that.

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Step 2

Install the APK file by allowing the installation from an unknown source on the device and start exploring the game.

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Final Step

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