Future technology Ideas That Will Change Our World 

The future is coming, and sooner than you think. These emerging technologies will change the way we live.

This is one way to describe the idea of necrobotics which, as the name suggests, involves turning dead things into robots.


Sand and any other non-super conductor are warmed by the electricity passing through them generated heat than can be used for energy.

Sand Batteries

Brain Reading Robots 

The robot arm would perform simple tasks like moving around an obstacle. The algorithm would then interprets signals from the brain using an EEG cap.

3D Printed Bones

Using these 3D printed bones is surprisingly easy. A hospital can perform an MRI which is then sent to Ossiform who create a 3D model of the patient-specific implant that is needed.

AI Image Generation

Researchers at OpenAI have created a software that is able to create images from just worded prompts.

Hydrogen planes

The project has come for a mid-size plane powered completely by liquid hydrogen. 

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