Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily Location Guide for Every Adventurer

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Gaming | Published Dec 05, 2023

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Lakelight Lily, a Fontaine specialty in Genshin Impact, It thrives near converging water veins, requiring specific conditions for optimal growth.

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 Lakelight Lily is found only in specific lakes in Genshin Impact. Players need to purify contaminated zones to discover more of this unique local delicacy.

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Explore over 70 Lakelight Lilies in Fontaine's Erinnyes Forest. Specific flowers may only appear after completing the 'The Wild Fairy Of Erinnyes' World Quest.

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Lakelight Lilies in Genshin Impact respawn every 48 hours. Players aiming for a total of 168 may need to visit their friends' worlds to collect the necessary materials.

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Head  to the Foggy Forest Path Teleport Waypoint, head east to gather five Lakelight Lilies, and then move north to collect an additional five.

Foggy Forest Path

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Fast-travel north to Foggy Forest Path for 2 specialties. Move west to a larger lake for four more. Head to the east Teleport Waypoint to find three Lakelight Lilies by a small pond.

East of Fountain of Lucine

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From the Weeping Willow of the Lake Waypoint, collect 6 flowers north, gather other 15 circling the lake eastward, harvest 8 more westward, and swim to the huge tree to find remaining 7.

Weeping Willow of the Lake

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From Loch Urania Waypoint, southwest for 3 flowers, north for 8, circle the lake for 3 more, west down the waterfall for an additional 3, and teleport to the west Waypoint for the last 3.

Loch Urania

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After completing The Wild Fairy Of Erinnyes World Quest, "Pahsiv" becomes a merchant in Genshin Impact, selling special items like Lakelight Lily for Tidalga

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