GTA 6 Map Leaked: Everything You Need To Know About

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Gaming | Published Nov 29, 2023

Rockstar Games releases diverse GTA 6 maps with amazing features. Here is everything you should know about this exciting game.

This time the game takes place in Florida and now fans are highly expecting surrounding states inclusion as well.

 Florida Setting

Circulating leaked clip shedding light on diverse terrains, including suspicious mountains of Florida.

 Diverse Terrains

GL license plate points at Georgia setting, supported by 'Ekanfinaka' sign looking similar to Okenfenokee.

Georgia Connection

Town of Yorktown in the mountains suggests exciting gameplay possibilities.

Mountain Gameplay

Everglades, the largest area of the map introduces wildlife animals like pythons, alligators, and bears.

 Everglades Wilderness

Emergence of SERA (Space Exploration Research Agency) with failed space launch engine event.

SERA Space Agency

Inclusion of Fairyland, Grand Theft Auto version of Disneyland, hosts the 'Rollercoaster Vomit' event.

Fantasy and Fun

Southeast map features Bermuda Triangle with intriguing events like 'Lost at Sea' and 'Sea Creature Corpse.

Mysterious Islands

Vice City surpasses Los Santos in size by almost threefold, offering more than 400 in-game events and boasting 36 metro stations.

Expansive Cities

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