GTA Online Drift Tuning Guide

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Gaming | Published Dec 27 2023

Image | Rockstar Games

Discover Drift Tuning in GTA Online! Upgrade for awesome drifts, add all-wheel drive for better control, and boost your engine for maximum fun.

Image | Rockstar Games

Drift Tuning Features

Precise Drifting Maneuvers

Improved Engine Power

All-Wheel Drive Capability

Image | Rockstar Games

Exclusive  Upgrade

Available for select cars only

Ideal for dedicated drifting enthusiasts

Limited accessibility adds prestige

Image | Rockstar Games

How to Install  Drift Tuning

Exclusive to Los Santos Car Meet

Installation cost: $200,000

Location: First option above Armor

Membership required ($50,000)

Image | Rockstar Games

Los Santos Car Meet Membership

Membership cost: $50,000

Essential for Drift Tuning installation

Provides access to exclusive upgrades

Image | Rockstar Games

 Removal  Option

Drift Tuning can be removed

Original modifications reapplied after removal

Removal cost: $50,000

Image | Rockstar Games

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