How to Use Grok AI:  Boost Your Brainpower with Simple Steps

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Technology | Published Dec 09, 2023

Grok, created by xAI, is an AI bot similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT. It is designed to provide answers to a wide range of questions more impressively.

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Are you interested in exploring Grok AI? The process is both straightforward and exclusive. Here are the steps to guide you on how to use Grok AI.

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Steps to use Grok AI

To begin, visit the official website at You'll access the chatbot once the setup is done.

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Step 1

Subscribe to X's "X Premium+" monthly subscription package

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Step 2

You have the choice to provide your email ID for notification once you gain access.

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Step 3

Grok AI is new, with two months of training, but it's expected to get much better in the coming weeks, as shared by xAI.

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