Microsoft intends to improve Bing with a new version of ChatGPT soon

The integration would see Bing using GPT-4 to answer search queries.

The planned incorporation of ChatGPT into Microsoft products is expected to trigger new competition in internet search, which has largely been dominated by Google

By using GPT-4, Bing would be able to provide users with humanlike answers, as opposed to just simply displaying a list of links.

According to reports, OpenAI is also planning to introduce a mobile ChatGPT app in the future.

The business intends to test a new function in Dall-E, its popular image-generating programme, that would make films using AI.

Microsoft planned to make OpenAI’s foundational systems available as commercial platforms so that any entity in any industry can build on them . Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadela

Google says, Bing’s incorporation of GPT-4 would challenge Google’s dominance but they won’t launch a ChatGPT competitor.

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