Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

There is so much more about non-technical skills than technical skills that make somebody a good co-worker. In fact, all of the skills that are in this post contribute to writing good code that improves technical projects. 


The first person that you need to have patience with when you are programming is yourself. Programming is hard and sometimes you will have bugs or difficult problems to overcome

Problem Solving

The ability to break a problem into smaller ones and then solve all of those smaller problems takes a lot of practice. Getting good at problem-solving can help you become a much stronger programmer


When you are working with other people,  good communication is crucial. Give honest updates on how things are going, where projects currently stand, and your opinions on things honestly but kindly


Different people have different skills, points of view, and life experiences that are more powerful in combination than isolation. Don't feel like you always need to "put the team on your back" or be everything to everybody


My favorite thing about being a programmer is that I get to use my creative energy to build things that other people can then benefit from. You get to think outside of the box to create really cool things


First, have confidence that you can take projects on. Don't relegate yourself to easier projects or doubt yourself when you are assigned something difficult. Try to solve as much of it as you can, and then ask for help to get through the hardest parts

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