Shivam Singh | 26 Jan, 2024

Moto G34 5G Review: Pros and Cons

Image | TechSole

Image |  Business Today

Distinctive design with vegan leather back providing a unique and premium feel to the device.

Pros #1 

Image | Sarkari Yojana

120Hz refresh rate contributing to smoother and more responsive visuals, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pros #2

Image | TechnicalAdi

Smooth UI has significantly improving the overall usability and satisfaction of the device.

Pros #3

Image | Business Today

Decent primary camera to capture high-quality photos and videos, providing users with a versatile imaging experience.

Pros #4

Image | Motorola

Selfie camera could be better to enhance  the quality of selfies, video calls, and other front camera-related activities.

Cons #1 

Image | Deccan Herald

Moto G34 5G's portrait mode may have edge detection issues, affecting photo quality with background blur for less appealing portraits.

Cons #2 

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