Shivam Singh | 18 Jan, 2024

Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G: A Quick Review in 5 Points

Image | MobileClusters

Image | Digit

Display and Design (7/10)

The phone has a fancy curved screen with strong glass and protection against water. It looks fancy, but some might not like the curved screen.

Image | Redmi

Camera Performance (8/10)

The camera, with a massive 200MP sensor, takes really good pictures. However, we need to check if it's as good in real life.

Image | TheHindu

Performance and Storage (8/10)

The phone runs smoothly, thanks to a special chip. It has lots of storage options, from 256GB to 512GB, for people who need a lot of space.

Image | Zee

Charging Capabilities (9/10)

The phone charges super fast, and they even give you a charger in the box. Very handy if you need a quick charge.

Image | Redmi

Price and Value (6/10)

Priced at INR 31,999, a significant increase from previous models. High-end features raise questions about overall value for money.

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