Shivam Singh | 13 Jan, 2024

Image | iPhoned 

Top 5 Gadgets that Stole the Show at CES 2024

Image | CNET 

Rabbit R1

A device by US startup Rabbit, sold 10,000 units of its standalone online device with a unique operating system in 24 hours.

Image | Heatbit 

Heatbit Mini

A heating purifier that utilizes silicon chips for Bitcoin mining, video game rendering, or AI training, offering a 50% cashback on heating expenses.

Image | Medium 

SeerGrill's Perfecta

The first-ever smart grill in the world cooks food quickly and perfectly with just a button press. It has five different cooking modes.

Image |  LG

LG CineBeam Qube

A special projector that makes your indoor space like a movie theater. It's small and can turn all the way around with its handle.

Image |  Phillips

Phillips Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt

A smart lock without a key that uses palm vein recognition for quick and easy unlocking of doors. It works well with modern smart home systems.

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