WhatsApp is about to release the ‘View Once Text’ feature for Android users

The messaging service now allows users to send images and videos as “view once” messages. They should disappear as soon as they appear.

The popular messaging service recently rolled out version of WhatsApp for Android through the Google Play beta program

The main reason behind WhatsApp’s Show Text Once feature is to add another layer of security to users’ private conversations.

The platform no longer allows recipients to take screenshots of content sent using his View Once. But anyone could hold a photo or video and snap a picture with a second smartphone

 WhatsApp beta update for Android- The app features end-to-end encryption, so no one can access or read your private messages.

Open the WhatsApp application.



Go to any of your chats.

Write a text message and click on the send option.


If you see a lock icon on the send option, this means the ‘View Once Text’ feature has been updated on your WhatsApp version.


If the lock icon is not there, wait for a future update.


How to check the ‘View Once Text’ feature

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