WhatsApp to end Google Drive Unlimited storage

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Technology | Published Jan 02 2024

WhatsApp users on Android will soon have storage limitations, meaning they won't have unlimited storage options later this year.

This change is due to WhatsApp backups now being included in the calculation of Google Drive storage usage, starting from this year.

Google Drive provides a storage capacity of only 15GB.

Until now, Android users benefited from unlimited WhatsApp storage, as it did not contribute to the overall Google Drive storage usage.

For years, iOS users have utilized 5GB of storage on Apple iCloud. Nevertheless, in this context, having 15GB is considered more advantageous.

To acquire additional storage, Android users in India have the option to purchase a Google One subscription.

Google One is available at Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 per year for 100GB of cloud storage.

Google One offers a range of plans, including 200GB, 2TB, 5TB, 10TB, and more, providing users with various options for their cloud storage needs.

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