Shivam Singh | 02 Feb, 2024

WhatsApp to roll out Pinned Events feature for Better Group Connectivity

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WhatsApp is making a pinned events feature where you can stick upcoming events in your group info.

New Events Pin Feature

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This helps group members remember specific events easily.

Group Reminders

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The app will automatically put planned events at the top of the group info screen for everyone to see.

Automatic Event Sticking

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Pinning events makes it simpler for all group members to know about and join in on upcoming activities, making the group more connected.

Better Group Connection

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Right now, only some people testing the new WhatsApp version can use this feature. But it might be available for everyone soon.

Exclusive for Testers

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WhatsApp is thinking about adding a feature for Android phones to share files with nearby people, like Apple's AirDrop, in the next update.

Possible File Sharing

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This file-sharing feature is being tried out by some people in the Google Play testing program, and everyone might get it in the future.

Google Play Testing

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