How to make your old Android device Faster?

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Technology | Published Jan 03 2024

Use the built-in storage cleaner to remove unnecessary apps and files, especially large ones.

Free up storage space

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Go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and clear it. Cached data can accumulate over time and slow down your device.

Clear cached data

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Disable or uninstall apps that you don't use frequently. This can free up both storage space and system resources.

Uninstall unused apps

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Make sure your Android device is running the latest available software updates. 

Update your software

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In Developer Options, limit background processes to reduce the strain on your device's resources.

Limit background processes

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Consider replacing resource-intensive apps with lighter alternatives.

Use lightweight apps

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Consider using a lightweight launcher, such as Nova Launcher or Lawnchair.

Install a lightweight launcher

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If your device is still slow after trying the above steps, consider performing a factory reset.

Factory reset

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