How to Remove or Disable My AI on Snapchat?

TechieBundle | By Shivam Singh Gadget | Published on Feb 16, 2024

My AI is a chatbot that operates exclusively within the Snapchat app, offering written responses like a genuine conversation.

What Is My AI on Snapchat?

If you're looking to remove or disable MY AI feature on Snapchat, such as a chatbot or other AI-driven functionalities, you would typically follow these steps.

Steps to remove My AI 

Swipe to the right from the Camera screen to access Chat.

Step 1

Once in Chat, press and hold on the My AI feature.

Step 2

A menu will appear; select "Chat Settings" from the options.

Step 3

Tap on "Clear from Chat Feed" to remove any content associated with My AI from the chat feed.

Step 4

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