India's Emerging Social Commerce Poised For Growth In 2023

Social media users in India is expected to grow to around 448 million in 2023. A direct beneficiary of this rapid rise of social media users of course is social commerce. Many brands however have a universal online sales presence on e-commerce portals as well as their social handles

Why social commerce is growing 

On an average, Indians spend three hours per day on social media for posting, scrolling, videos and messaging. This is the time window in which marketing tools are used by companies to target customers.

Opportunity to ‘discover’ 

Social selling is growing in popularity because it provides customers with “discoverability”. New brands offering interesting and differentiated products quickly become popular on social media. People buy to try and research new products first.

Big help for small sellers

Small sellers or first-time entrepreneurs are generally considered the backbone of an economy because they keep business circulating, Social commerce provided a big help to small sellers as they make as little as Rs 10,000 through their social handles per month

Building a brand around communities 

 Social commerce is developed around building a community – a dedicated based of followers or ‘fans’ who admire the brand, it mostly uses influence marketing, a strong base of community is built around a brand within a span of time

Authentic feedback 

The feedback system is strong and usually authentic because the products are present on social media and there is a community-connect. Social commerce also leads to a much more engaged shopping experience

Growing along

Artificial intelligence driven sales is here to stay. As social commerce grows industries which are directly linked with it including logistics, warehousing and other sales channels of storage and delivery too will continue to grow.

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