Shivam Singh | 28 Jan, 2024

Top 5 Soundbars under ₹ 20,000 for Awesome Audio

Image | LG

Image |  Sony 

This audio system packs a punch with 400W, rear speakers, and a subwoofer for a cinematic experience. It also has Bluetooth, USB playback, and Dolby Audio.

Sony HT- S20R

Image |  JBL 

This system has Dolby Atmos, a powerful 380W output, a wireless 6.5-inch subwoofer for deep bass, and a dedicated voice button for clear dialogue.

JBL Cinema SB190

Image |  Samsung 

This system has 410W power, Dolby 2.1 channel 3D sound with 5 speakers, and a wireless subwoofer for deep bass.

Samsung HW-B55E/XL 

Image |  Boat 

This speaker has 160W power. It comes with a wireless subwoofer, cool dynamic LEDs, and can connect in different ways.

Boat Aavante Bar Orion

Image |  Zebronics

The strong 150W subwoofer and 60W soundbar give powerful bass and rich sound. It has Bluetooth v5.3 and can connect in different ways.

Zebronics Jukebar 1000

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