Organic Tulsi and Honey | Health Benefits in winters: As we may know, our immune system plays an important role when it comes to being healthy. The weaker the immune system, the more chances we have of being affected by various diseases. So, we must make an effort to keep our immune systems strong and healthy. There are many homemade health remedies, made using natural ingredients, that can serve this purpose. Just take about 4-5 leaves of tulsi in a cup, clean them well, and add a tablespoon of honey to the cup, over the leaves. You can now mix the ingredients with a finger and your health remedy is ready to be consumed. Consume this health recipe every morning, before breakfast, to notice the amazing difference it will bring to your body. So, have a look at the health benefits of the tulsi and honey mixture, by reading more about it below.

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Organic Tulsi and Honey for Skin, Cough, and Cold

Tulsi is one of the oldest herbs and besides its use for spiritual motives, it also has restoration properties. Tulsi is called the ‘Holy Basil’ and is considered sacred amongst Hindus. It is a part of the morning ritual of worshipping across many families.’ Generally, the woman of the house would devote her time to worshipping the tulsi plant. It is a ritual that has been practiced for many years.

Tulsi is grown for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Its vital oil is used in Ayurveda. Tulsi is likewise used while cooking because it provides a distinct flavour & delivers nutritional properties to our health.

Thus, tulsi combined with honey is extremely beneficial for our health as it builds a stronger immunity and develops a healthy gut. Let’s explore the greater advantages of Organic Tulsi honey, mainly to deal with cough and cold. We also talk about the way it advantages our skin.

Useful Benefits of Organic Tulsi and Honey:

1. Strengthens The Immune System

This natural health remedy comes packed with various nutrients and vitamins that can nourish your body and keep your immune system working healthily.

2. Remedy for Cough

Organic Tulsi and honey are used to treat colds and coughs. If you have it along with pepper and ginger powder for 3 to 4 times a day it can cure a the seasonal flu. Even someone affected by expectorant can eat tulsi honey to get relief. For dry cough have tulsi honey because it facilitates in managing and controlling it.

3. Treats Common Cold

This homemade health recipe can treat the common cold effectively, as it protects your body from the attack of various microbes that cause diseases.

4. Skin Care

Organic Tulsi & honey cleanse your pores and skin. It is a great skin purifier and it’s perfect for those who have excessively oily pores and skin. It gets rid of dirt and impurities from within. Organic Tulsi honey heals your skin issues & delivers healthy and refreshing skin. Organic Tulsi honey makes your skin supple and gives an amazing glow.
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5. Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

Organic Tulsi honey has the ability to fight free radical harm even as a protective DNA shape and cells. It is an antioxidant that strengthens your immune gadget and protects you from numerous diseases. It offers the power to fight against diseases.

6. Anti-inflammatory

Organic Tulsi and honey is power packed with anti-inflammatory which further helps in decreasing irritation and the risk of heart. It also lowers inflammatory bowel conditions.

Thus, Organic tulsi and honey are extraordinarily medicinal and include anti-inflammatory properties. It treats cough, cold, and respiratory infections. It is likewise an energy booster and a herbal treatment for plenty of ailments. Tulsi honey also can ease your stress levels and relax you. It allows for handling anxiety as well.

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