Savage US blizzard: Winter blizzard brought Christmas Day danger and misery to millions of Americans on Sunday (December 26) as frigid cold gripped parts of the eastern United States, with weather-related deaths rising to at least 32.

In western New York’s Buffalo, a crisis situation took place where a blizzard left the city marooned, with emergency services unable to reach high-impact areas.

Speaking to reporters, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a native of Buffalo, where eight feet of snow have drifted and power outages have created life-threatening conditions, said, “Pushing into a war zone, vehicles

Hochul also warned residents. said it was still in an “extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation” and warned everyone in the area to stay indoors. The five-day storm showed signs of abating with snowstorms and heavy winds, but a morning without Strom and many people upended their holiday travel plans. although the five-day-long storm featuring blizzard conditions and ferocious winds showed signs of easing.

Top Updates of Winter Storm

1. A massive storm stretching from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande River along the border with Mexico has caused unprecedented inconvenience to travelers and locals over the holiday weekend. Thousands of flights have been canceled over the last few days.

2. About 60 percent of the US population is said to be facing the weather warning and the temperatures have dropped sharply.

3. Emergency services continue to be bogged down in many areas. One of his hardest-hit areas in Buffalo, New York. “Almost every fire truck in the city was stranded Saturday,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was told by The Associated Press. Officials said the airport will remain closed until Tuesday morning.

4. Winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour and roads and streets packed with snow defined the scenes. The Buffalo storm is “a crisis of epic proportion” and “the worst of the worst,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a native of Buffalo, told reporters.

5. Sub-zero temperature drop has been registered across 48 states in the US.
(With inputs from AP, AFP)

The extreme weather sent wind chill temperatures in all 48 contiguous US states below freezing over the weekend, stranded holiday travelers with thousands of flights canceled, and trapped residents in ice- and snow-encrusted homes.

It is reportedly said that as many as thirty-one weather-related deaths have been confirmed across nine states, including four in Colorado who likely died of exposure and at least 12 in New York state, where officials warned the number would likely rise.

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