WhatsApp is a messaging app that has revolutionized the way people stay connected with their family, friends and colleagues. It’s a free service that lets you send photos, videos, voice messages and even documents across the globe for free. You can also use WhatsApp on two phones simultaneously by installing it on both of your phones. Read on to know more.

How to Use WhatsApp on Two Phones at Once

This post will be useful to you if you enjoy conversing with your loved ones but detest having to use only one phone number. You may add several phone numbers to your WhatsApp account. Just designate one of your phones as your secondary phone to simultaneously use WhatsApp on several devices. Let’s first grasp how to simultaneously utilise WhatsApp on many phones before moving on to the next.

While WhatsApp is a free service, using it on several phones does not incur any additional fees. Just obtain a second phone number and use it to access your WhatsApp account. You may also give someone else access to your WhatsApp account so they can use it on their phone. Further information on how to simultaneously share a WhatsApp account across numerous phones is provided below.

Install WhatsApp on Two Phones

As WhatsApp gained popularity, more and more people began using it on many phones. WhatsApp, however, can only be used on two phones if it is installed on both of them. What then ought should you do? You may use WhatsApp simultaneously on both of your cellphones if you have the app loaded on them.

You must install WhatsApp on both phones and open a different WhatsApp account on each one in order to utilise WhatsApp on multiple phones. By using these procedures, you may effortlessly use WhatsApp on both of your cellphones if you have two. – On both phones, choose WhatsApp. – Decide which account you wish to use as your backup phone. – Click the “Second Phone” button. You may now instantly access every message you receive on your first phone on your second phone.

Use WhatsApp on One Phone and One Browser

This WhatsApp hack will be useful if you have a family with many WhatsApp users and you want to keep everyone in touch. The need for several WhatsApp accounts has expanded along with the growth in WhatsApp users. Although you may use WhatsApp on multiple devices, you cannot set up accounts on two devices at once.

As a result, only those who have WhatsApp installed on two phones will be able to use it on multiple devices. To avoid this, there is a solution, though. You have the option to open the file in a browser while sending messages, exchanging photos, or watching movies on WhatsApp. The material may then be shared via the browser on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Use WhatsApp on Two Phones Simultaneously

The easiest technique to simultaneously utilise WhatsApp on many phones is probably in this manner. Only if WhatsApp is installed on both phones are multiple phones able to utilise it simultaneously. Now, WhatsApp also allows you to send “Do Not Disturb” messages. Until you get a message, this message will mute your phone. You may use WhatsApp simultaneously on numerous phones thanks to this functionality.

Create a second WhatsApp account on one of your phones, and then send the account a “Do Not Disturb” message. Make sure the phone you are using to create the account on is your main phone. When you get a message on your primary phone, it quickly switches to your backup phone and silences it. You may now send a “Do Not Disturb” message to mute your secondary phone and start receiving messages on it.

Take a Screenshot and Save it in WhatsApp

You may also capture screenshots of your conversations while using WhatsApp and store them there. To accomplish this, select “screenshots” from the menu by hitting the menu button. By hitting the home button and selecting the “screenshots” option, you may accomplish the same task. You may also use WhatsApp to capture a snapshot of the screen of your device, which you can then store inside the application. Also, you may capture talks and forward them to friends or coworkers.

You must adhere to these instructions in order to snap a screenshot on your WhatsApp account. To take a screenshot of a chat, first select it. Next, tap the two-dot menu in the top-right corner. Choose the “Screenshots” option. – Choose the Share option to share the screenshot. The receiver may now be selected from the list, and the screenshot can be sent.

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One of the most widely used messaging platforms, WhatsApp is excellent for staying in touch with loved ones. Nevertheless, utilising it on several phones at once might be a bit challenging. You now know how to use simultaneously WhatsApp on two phones. Use the free service to its full potential and keep in touch with all of your loved ones.

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