Best Restaurants in Agra: Most trips to Agra span between 24 to 48 hours—just enough time to soak up the beauty of the Taj Mahal, pencil in a trip to Fatehpur Sikri, and, of course, savor the tourist city’s local food culture. Here, we tell you where to go and what to eat.

Home to the iconic Taj Mahal, Agra is a destination of culture, tradition, and intriguing history. Apart from being historically rich, the destination is also renowned for high-end as well as economical restaurants serving scrumptious Indian flavors. From Mughlai to North Indian, you can find a wide range of delicacies at the best restaurants in Agra. The famous restaurant Peshawri serves some of the best non-veg dishes, whereas restaurants like Deviram and Dasaprakash treat your palates with lip-smacking vegetarian dishes. So, if you wish to gratify the gastronome in you, have a meal at any of these restaurants and enjoy a soul-satisfying trip to Agra.

7 Best Restaurants in Agra to Relish True Flavours

While exploring the charm of Agra, if you are hungry, these restaurants will surely pamper the foodie in you. Have a meal at any of these best restaurants in Agra for a cherishable dining experience:


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Peshawari | Zomato

ITC Mughal’s signature restaurant, Peshawri is an ideal pick if you wish to have a luxurious dining experience. One of the best restaurants in Agra, Peshawri serves food from the North-West Frontier region. All the chefs are experienced and have masters in cooking with a tandoor that makes the delicacies highly flavored. Although the restaurant does not serve curries, they offer a wide selection of kebabs and tikkas that are cooked in clay tandoors. Open for lunch and dinner, the well-lit dining area of the restaurant has a capacity of 90 guests.

The Salt Cafe Kitchen & Bar

7 Best Restaurants in Agra
The Salt Cafe | TripAdvisor

Featuring a Greece restaurant-style setup, The Salt Cafe Kitchen & Bar is an ideal spot if you want to have a drinking and dining experience together. The white and blue terrace area along with the contemporary decor and a lively bar completes the guests’ experience. The menu includes primarily Chinese and Continental delicacies, most of which have an Indian tinge. So, if you are in the city make sure to stumble upon The Salt Cafe Kitchen & Bar which is one of the most famous restaurants in Agra serving delectable meals and spectacular vows of the Taj Mahal.

Pinch of Spice

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Pinch of Spice | Zomato

The top Indian restaurants in Agra, which serve the richest curries and most succulent tandoori kebabs, are often located in hotels. Pinch of Spice is not, and as such is the best North Indian restaurant outside a five-star hotel. The must-try at this restaurant is the murgi boti masala, a chicken tikka in a very rich and somewhat spicy local gravy, and also the paneer lababdar, fresh diced cheese in a spicy sauce with onions. The dishes are all authentic, and the exclusive fine dining experience extends beyond the food to the service and ambiance. The restaurant outlet at Fatehabad Road accommodates guests over three floors and overlooks the beautiful Taj.


7 Best Restaurants in Agra

If you need a bit of a break from the decadent Mughlai food, pencil in time for lunch at Dasaprakash, a South Indian restaurant whose popularity extends to other parts of the country as well, on day two in Agra. Thalis are always a good way to go if you’re only in town for one meal, so order the South Indian variant for yourself, or go for the more lavish Dasaprakash Thali with rice, pooris, veggies, papad, dessert, and pickle. We’ve also heard really good things about their ice cream desserts that take up a whole page of the menu.


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Jahanpanah | Dineout

Jahanpanah Restaurant aims to serve the best of Awadhi cuisine. Please sharpen your five senses with a taste that you do not know yet. Their legendary dishes include delicious Lucknawi Biryani, Galawat Kebab, and Kakori. Authenticity is key to the restaurant’s philosophy. All ingredients are sourced from Lucknow and all chefs are trained in Awadhi cuisine. They all learn to master dumb style by cooking over a slow fire.


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Esphahan | Dineout

The task is to determine if Esphahan is one of the best restaurants in Agra, but one piece of advice we give you is this – if you are planning to visit this restaurant for dinner, Make sure you’ve already made a reservation. Housed in the beautiful Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel, Esfahan is renowned as one of the best traditional restaurants in town. The food they serve, the hospitality, the furnishings, the atmosphere, the hygiene, etc. Esphahan is not only a good restaurant in Agra. it’s just gorgeous. This restaurant may not have an extensive menu, but rest assured that what is present is heaven to taste.

Deviram Sweets & Restaurant

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Deviram Sweets & Restaurant

The famed jalebi makers of Agra, Deviram Sweets & Restaurant can be a 15-minute snack stop while you’re in Agra. Indulge in a plate of piping hot jalebis, and pick up a box of pedas or barfis and packets of namkeen to take back home. Alternatively, head to Deviram for breakfast; they make the best bedhai with aloo sabzi and samosas with chatni in town.

This restaurant has multiple outlets available across the city…

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