Android 14 Developer Preview is the latest iteration of the popular mobile operating system, Android. It was recently released by Google to developers and is being hailed as one of the biggest updates to the platform in recent times. The developer preview is a pre-release version of the software and is aimed at giving developers an early look at the new features and changes that will be included in the final version of Android 14.

Google has launched the new Android 14, but it is still in the developer phase. Would you try it?
Google has launched the new Android 14, but it is still in the developer phase. Would you try it? (Pic Credit: The Economic Times)

What are the new changes?

A new privacy dashboard has been added as one of Android 14’s most significant changes. The privacy dashboard is meant to provide customers more control over the information that apps on their devices are gathering about them. The dashboard shows a list of the information that apps can access, including your contacts, location, camera, and microphone. Now that you can view a list of the apps that have access to certain data kinds, you can quickly deny that access to any app you choose.

The new Material You design language is yet another significant development in Android 14. A new design language called Material You aims to customise and improve the usability of Android. The platform now has a new palette of colours, typography, and icons thanks to the new design language, enabling users to create their own distinctive look and feel. The updated design language also aims to make the operating system appear and feel better overall, more contemporary, and simpler to operate.

Also, the Android 14 developer preview offers a variety of new functions and enhancements designed to enhance the platform’s functionality and usability. For instance, a recent update added the ability to rapidly launch frequently used apps by hitting the home button. A new power-saving option is also included of the developer preview, which will help your device’s battery last longer.

Performance and Android? You bet that it’s top tier!

Android 14 introduces a number of new performance enhancements targeted at enhancing the platform’s effectiveness and speed. Several significant optimizations, including enhanced garbage collection and improved memory management, are part of the new platform. The new platform also comes with a new API that will enable programmers to make animations and transitions within their apps that are slicker and more responsive.

The launch of the new Android TV platform is one of the most intriguing new features in Android 14. A brand-new platform called Android TV is intended to provide your television the whole Android experience. You will be able to access all of your favourite apps and entertainment, including games, movies, and TV episodes, on your television thanks to the new platform. Voice commands will also be supported by the new platform, making it simple for you to operate your TV and access your content using only your voice.

The debut of the new Android Automotive platform is another significant feature in Android 14. A new platform called Android Automotive is intended to provide your automobile the full Android experience. With the new platform, you can use all of your preferred apps and content in your car, such as hands-free calling, music, and navigation. Voice commands will also be supported by the new platform, making it possible for you to simply control your car and access your content using only your voice.

Accessibility is always the aim!

Also, a number of new functions and enhancements focused at widening the platform’s accessibility are included in the Android 14 developer beta. One new feature of the new platform, for instance, enables you to use your device even if you have a limitation like a visual or hearing problem. The new platform also features a new accessibility menu that streamlines access to and customization of your device’s accessibility settings.

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In conclusion, the Android 14 developer preview is a significant upgrade to the well-known mobile operating system that aims to make it more accessible, effective, and user-friendly. Among the new additions and modifications in the new version are the new privacy dashboard, the Material You design language, the new Android TV and Automotive platforms, and other performance and accessibility improvements.

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