Google DigiKavach Program:

Google’s DigiKavach program, is dedicated to understanding the tactics of scammers and putting in place strong measures to stop them.

Tech giant Google has introduced a proactive measure to address the mounting concerns over online financial frauds in India. Through its recently launched DigiKavach program, Google aims to counter these deceptive activities by comprehensively understanding the strategies used by scammers and deploying appropriate countermeasures. This article delves into the essential components of the DigiKavach program and its potential implications for enhancing online safety in India.

Google’s DigiKavach program exemplifies the company’s commitment to establishing a more secure digital landscape for Indian internet users. By scrutinizing the tactics employed by scammers, implementing responsive measures, sharing insights with experts, and providing support to organizations like the CyberPeace Foundation, Google endeavors to effectively combat online financial frauds. This initiative not only shields users from potential scams but also fosters a culture of digital literacy and empowerment, ensuring a more secure and confident online experience for all.

Exploring Google Digi Kavach

Scrutinizing Scammer Tactics

The Digi Kavach initiative by Google entails a thorough examination of the techniques and operational strategies employed by online scammers. By gaining an understanding of fraudsters’ methods, Google can develop effective strategies to counteract these deceptive activities.

Deploying Protective Measures

A key goal of Digi Kavach is the development and implementation of protective measures to thwart the emergence of online scams. Google is actively enhancing its security infrastructure to safeguard Indian users from scams, malware, and online fraud.

Knowledge Sharing with Experts

In its commitment to fostering a more secure digital environment, Google is dedicated to sharing the insights acquired through the DigiKavach program with industry experts and partners. This collaborative approach seeks to establish a collective defense against online financial frauds.

google digikavach

Collaboration with FACE

Google has formed a strategic partnership with the Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE) as a priority collaborator. This collaboration focuses on the identification and prevention of predatory digital lending applications within the Google Play Store in India, where unsuspecting users are often targeted by fraudulent loan providers.

Support from

Google’s philanthropic arm,, has announced a significant grant of $4 million to the CyberPeace Foundation. This grant is designed to equip approximately 40 million Indian citizens with the necessary skills to combat misinformation and enhance digital literacy. It underscores Google’s unwavering commitment to promoting online safety and empowering users to navigate the digital landscape securely.

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