In the midst of widespread speculation about the GTA 6 launch date, a trusted Rockstar Insider has shared insights into its potential release timeline and the timing of its announcement. Learn more here.

GTA 5 has been keeping fans entertained for a decade, but we’re all eagerly waiting for GTA 6. We’ve been talking about GTA 6 rumors lately, like new features, the big world, and things you can do in the game. We’ve also wondered if it might be inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Just remember, none of this is confirmed, but Rockstar Games did say they’re working on the game last year.

GTA 6 Release Date (Estimated)

At GTAForums, where they leaked some GTA 6 development videos last year, they recently asked people when they think GTA 6 might come out. Most folks gave their best guesses, but a Rockstar expert named Tez2 revealed Key details about the potential GTA 6 release date have emerged. The leaker suggests that “multiple developers” anticipate a Spring 2025 launch.

When might we hear about GTA 6? The insider thinks we could get the news during Rockstar’s anniversary celebration, which could happen in late November or early December. If not, they suggest we might hear something in February.

GTA 6 Previous Leaks

This GTA 6 release date matches what some people guessed about when GTA 6 might come out. A while back, some folks thought Take-Two Interactive could announce GTA 6 on May 17 during a talk with investors, but that didn’t happen. But in a video, a Call of Duty insider named Tom Henderson said GTA 6 might come out in 1 April 2024 or 31 March 2025, and a reporter from Bloomberg named Jason Schreier agreed with him.

Analysts at Raymond James have recently raised their outlook on Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, with an eye on the intriguing prospects for 2025 and beyond. This suggests a potential release in 2025.

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