Kids, no judgment here. Everyone has their own reason as to why they wish to hide their photos and videos, especially if they are received on WhatsApp. That friend group is a curse in your social life, we know, okay. But no need to panic. There are plenty of ways one can hide their media in a gallery. But nothing beats having an angled screen guard to prevent others from looking into your screen. I mean, come on, where is the etiquette, huh? Some people just don’t get it, do they?

Ways to hide your WhatsApp media in your device and make it inaccessible to others.
Ways to hide your WhatsApp media in your device and make it inaccessible to others. (Pic Credit: Live Hindustan)

And with a plethora of media being sent on WhatsApp every single day all around the globe (also read: WhatsApp is planning to allow users to send photos in original quality), hiding photos and videos from your gallery is a common requirement for privacy reasons. Here are some ways you can hide your WhatsApp photos and videos from your gallery:

Move media files to a separate folder:

You can create a new folder on your phone, specifically for your WhatsApp media files, and move all photos and videos there. This will keep the media files separate from the rest of your gallery and reduce the risk of accidental exposure.

Use a file manager app:

File manager apps like ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer allow you to hide folders and files. You can use these apps to hide your WhatsApp media folder and keep it separate from your main gallery.

Hide it in plain sight by Renaming files:

One of the most creative methods, renaming the files, is another way to hide them from your gallery. For example, you can add a “.” before the file name, which will make it hidden. For instance, if your file is named “IMG_0123.jpeg”, you can rename it to “.IMG_0123.jpeg”. This will hide the file from your gallery, but you can still access it through a file manager app.

Use an app lock:

App lock apps like AppLock or Norton App Lock allow you to secure individual apps, including WhatsApp, with a password or fingerprint. This will prevent unauthorized access to your WhatsApp media files and keep them hidden from your gallery.

Use a third-party app:

There are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store, such as KeepSafe or Vault, that can be used to hide photos and videos from your gallery. These apps provide a secure location for your sensitive media files and can only be accessed with a password.

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In conclusion, hiding your WhatsApp photos and videos from your gallery is a simple process that can be accomplished using a variety of methods. Choose the method that works best for you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Pro tip: While all these methods are quite useful, being a cautious person never hurts anybody. Always play into your caution. Choose a method that is comfortable to you and doesn’t get too complicated that you yourself end up making the media irretrievable from your own device. And always remember, use headphones while opening even an image sent by your friend; you can never be too cautious about that wink wink!

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