Jio Partners with Gamestream in Cloud Gaming Push: A 10-year deal has been announced between JioGames and Gamestream to bring cloud gaming services to Indian gamers. Gamestream brings end-to-end technology solutions and content licensing knowledge to JioGames in this decade-long partnership to democratize video games worldwide. They are all ready to influence the direction of the game by connecting with Jio Games.

JioGames’ Cloud Gaming services and the collaboration

On October 18, on Technology Day 2022, JioGamesCloud debuted its cloud gaming facilities for the first time. They provided a sneak peek of cloud gaming on mobile devices on that day.

At the moment, JioGamesCloud’s cloud gaming service is in beta testing and is temporarily free for Jio set-top box and mobile users to utilize for assessment and feedback purposes.

“India is quickly becoming the new hub for the video gaming industry, with the potential to surpass one billion gamers with the rapid rollout of the high-speed low-latency Jio True 5G network across India. Gaming could potentially be one of the digital services that contribute significantly to the economic growth drivers. This partnership between Gamestream & Jio will provide a high-quality cloud gaming experience to every Indian” said Mr. Kiran Thomas, CEO of Jio Platforms Limited

Jio Partners with Gamestream in Cloud Gaming Push

Gamestream offers white-labeling cloud gaming solutions to its clients. The French company also unveiled its consumer Cloud Gaming brand Pleio back in 2020. The company also signed a technology partnership with Ubisoft in January 2022.

Mr. Ivan Lebeau, Co-founder, and President at Gamestream said, “We are known for our cutting-edge cloud gaming services in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and have been empowering leading companies to introduce cloud gaming for years – the technology is our heartland, and we know the incredible impact it can have. This 10-year collaboration with JioGames combines our end-to-end technological solution and our content licensing expertise to democratize video games around the world. With JioGames, we are shaping the future of gaming.”

India, The World’s Second Largest Internet Market

India is the 2nd biggest Internet market but the gaming segment is still in its early stage. The country mainly has mobile gamers and very few PC or console games. That’s the reason gaming companies hardly consider launching their products in India in the early phases. India never gets PlayStation and Xbox consoles in first waves. But this is going to change soon considering the growth of gamers in the country.

But mobile gaming has taken off in India in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of cut-rate mobile data prices and affordable Android handsets. Krafton’s PUBG Mobile was the most popular game in the country with as many as 50 million monthly active users before New Delhi yanked it amid national security concerns.

Amazon last month rolled out Prime Gaming, its subscription service that offers access to a number of titles, to its members in India. The gaming service, complementary to Amazon Prime and Video subscribers, offers users access to a range of mobile, PC, and Mac games as well as in-game loot at no additional cost.

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