Telegram, the instant messaging app known for its fast speed, security, and versatility, recently announced a new update that includes several new features, one of which is real-time translation. The app has been making a lot of headlines lately due to its growing popularity and user base, especially as privacy and security concerns continue to rise among internet users. Here are some of the new features that it rolled out:

With real-time translation, Telegram is rapidly rising up the rungs of being one of the best messaging apps out there
With real-time translation, Telegram is rapidly rising up the rungs of being one of the best messaging apps out there (Pic Credit: Tribune India)

Real-time Translation

Users of Telegram may now converse in real time with persons who speak various languages thanks to real-time translation. Users may communicate with one another without difficulty thanks to the feature’s automated translation of chat messages using machine learning techniques. Those who often travel or who work with individuals from many cultures may find this feature extremely helpful.

Telegram Calls

Making voice and video conversations using the app is another interesting addition made by Telegram. The calls are safe and encrypted, making them a fantastic replacement for anyone worried about privacy. The high-quality audio and video of Telegram’s voice and video calls make them a fantastic choice for anyone who want to keep in touch with friends and family no matter where they are in the globe.

Telegram Passport

The “Telegram Passport” feature, which allows users to save their identification information on the app securely, is another new addition to Telegram. Those who want to simplify their online presence and make it simpler to join up for numerous services and websites will find this option to be extremely helpful. Users may securely keep all of their personal information, including the specifics of their passport, driver’s licence, and other critical papers, using Telegram Passport. They can join up for new services as a result of not having to enter their information repeatedly.

Limitless file size

The capability to transfer files of any size is another brand-new Telegram feature. Users may now exchange enormous files and documents with one another without worrying about file size limitations or poor upload rates thanks to this. This function is very helpful for individuals who need to exchange enormous files with friends and family or who need to work together on complicated projects.

Schedule messages

Users can now schedule messages in Telegram, which is a wonderful way to remain organised and remember crucial deadlines and appointments. Users may type a message, pick a day and time, and schedule it to be sent automatically using this function. Those who are busy and need to remain on top of their schedules may find this option to be extremely helpful.

Edit sent messages

The capability to modify transmitted messages is another new Telegram feature. This is a fantastic method to correct typos and other mistakes without sending a new message. Those that need to communicate quickly and effectively without wasting time sending fresh messages to correct mistakes may find this functionality to be of particular benefit.

Instant View

Last but not least, Telegram has included a new function called “Instant View” that enables users to see articles and websites from within the app. Those who want to remain current on the newest news and information without having to leave the app will find this option to be extremely helpful.

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In conclusion, Telegram’s most recent version has added a number of brand-new, intriguing features that are intended to increase the app’s usefulness and adaptability. One of the greatest instant messaging applications accessible right now, Telegram has advanced and improved over time, adding features like real-time translation and the capacity to exchange files of any size. Telegram provides everything you need to stay connected and informed, whether you’re wanting to collaborate on projects, stay in touch with friends and family, or keep up with the newest news.

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