Report status update feature: San Francisco, Jan 9 (IANS) Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new ‘Report status update’ feature on Android beta.

The new feature will allow users to report status updates that might violate the platform’s Terms of Service, in addition to the already available feature to report messages, reports WABetaInfo.

A report button will be available within the status options.

Last month, it was reported that WhatsApp was working on a feature that would allow users to flag status updates that they believed violated the instant messaging service’s terms of service. Now, as a further development, the meta-owned platform is reportedly developing a “Report” button within the status options.

Report Status Update Feature

WhatsApp currently allows its users to report, message contacts, and receive media if it violates the platform’s guidelines. But soon the Meta-owned platform will allow users to report status which has problematic content like hate speech, abuse, and so on.

The new feature is under development for WhatsApp Android beta and desktop beta and is expected to be released in future updates of the app. Once it is released, users will see a report button within the status option.

WhatsApp working on the 'Report status update' feature on the Android beta
Report status update

However, this feature does not compromise end-to-end encryption.

Nobody, not even WhatsApp, Meta, or any proxy provider, can see the content of users’ messages and listen to their private calls, but it is important for the company to bring a report option to keep the platform and users safe, the report said.

Meanwhile, last week, it was reported that the messaging platform was working on a new feature called ‘Chat Transfer’, which would allow users to transfer their data from one Android device to another using a local network.

Some Upcoming Features of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a slew of new features to enhance the user interface and privacy. The Meta-owned app released the Android to iOS transfer feature last year and is now said to be developing another transfer feature that will eliminate the dependency on Google drive. Along with there is also something brewing for users who want to save disappearing messages and good news for people who want to use WhatsApp but are enabled to do so as the app is blocked by government censorship.

In short

-> WhatsApp rolling out proxy setup features in countries where internet shutdowns happen quite frequently.
WhatsApp is also said to be developing an Android-to-Android data transfer feature that will eliminate the use of Google drive.

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