BGMI 2.8 Update:

This mode is presently accessible on the Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps, and the update can be downloaded at no cost on both Android and iOS platforms.

In BGMI 2.8 update, a new game mode called ‘Zombie’s Edge‘ with a thrilling zombie theme has been introduced. This mode is currently available for play on the Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps. Gamers can enjoy this update by downloading it for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

At the heart of the event lies the Aerolith Lab and its surroundings, which act as the central battleground, hosting a multitude of ‘mutant’ adversaries. Among them, the formidable Berserker and the agile Ripper pose a greater challenge for players. The Berserker boasts a robust physique, with a right arm capable of swiftly transitioning between a blade and an armored fist. In contrast, the Ripper, characterized by its slender build, excels at rapidly closing the gap and launching slashing attacks against its targets.

Please note that Zombie’s Edge is the identical game mode that was introduced in the international version of PUBG Mobile last month. The specific alterations made to the BGMI version exclusive to India remain unclear, as the patch notes do not indicate any changes. Additionally, BGMI 2.8 update includes Mutation Gauntlets, enhancing gameplay significantly when equipped.

These gauntlets come with a powerful slam attack that can instantly defeat zombies. They also offer a Great Smash ability similar to Doomfist’s ultimate move in Overwatch 2. When activated, players jump into the air to choose where they want to land, then slam down, dealing significant damage to a wide area. Additionally, there’s a Ripper version of the gauntlet that allows for quick dashes and slashing attacks.

At the heart of the outbreak lies the Aerolith Lab, a massive and evolving entity that devours zombies to enhance its strength.

After the process is complete, you’ll face a formidable ‘Rage’ Berserker mutant, defeating which can yield a substantial amount of loot. The update also introduces a ‘Halloweeks’ theme, adorning the area with carved pumpkins, colorful disco lights, and dancing mutants. Additionally, the Maglev Hoverboard, allowing swift travel on both land and water, is now part of the update.

In case you didn’t know, BGMI came into the gaming scene shortly after the Indian government banned the hugely popular PUBG Mobile due to concerns about privacy and security. After a 10-month suspension, BGMI was finally unblocked in May.

During this period, the game developer Krafton implemented a system where parents could verify in-game purchases, and they also limited the number of hours players could spend in the game. Alongside these changes, they introduced the Nusa map, a tropical area with lots of ziplines, and the Super Recall feature, which allowed players to bring back their fallen teammates into the game.

At that time, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) granted the game a three-month “trial approval.” However, it’s uncertain whether the ban has been completely lifted.

You can play Battlegrounds Mobile India on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.


In summary, the BGMI 2.8 update has brought some really exciting new stuff to the game. There’s the Zombies Edge Mode, which adds a lot of suspense and action. Plus, the Hoverboard is a game-changer, making getting around the map more fun. With the Mutation Gauntlets and other improvements, players have more ways to enjoy the game.

BGMI is always evolving to make players happy. They keep adding new features and improving the game, which shows they care about their players.

As BGMI keeps growing and getting better, players can expect even more cool updates and features. Whether you’re fighting zombies, zooming around on a Hoverboard, or trying out new game tricks, BGMI 2.8 update has made the game more exciting, and there’s a lot to look forward to for the BGMI community.

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