The Clash of Clans October update is now live, featuring exciting new content such as the Mega Sparky and Goblin Mines, courtesy of Supercell, the game’s developers. This beloved town-building game has received another thrilling update as we approach the end of the year. For a detailed breakdown of the major changes, check out the patch notes.

Supercell had already told us about the cool stuff coming in the October Update, like Mega Sparky, which is a big deal. But there’s more to it than that. They’re also giving us new workers in the game. Here’s a look at all the fun stuff Clash of Clans players can enjoy now.

Clash of Clans October Update: A Fan-Favorite Delight

Clash of Clans regularly receives monthly updates, and the upcoming October update is expected to have a substantial impact. With new troops and the ability to hire more workers, players can expect faster base development.

Goblin Mines in the Capital District: A Fresh Addition

  • Unlocks at Capital Hall level 9
    • 2 new Troop buildings: Mega Sparky Workshop and Super Miner Barracks
    • 1 new Defense: Goblin Thrower
    • 1 new Trap: Spear Trap
    • 1 new Capital Spell: Endless Haste
    • Multiple neutral buildings, decos, and obstacles

Get to Know Mega Sparky: Clash of Clans Newest Mega Troop

The Mega Sparky: A Game-Changer in Clash of Clans October Update for Capital Raids

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 100
LevelMega Sparky Workshop LevelCapital LevelHPDPS

Introducing the Super Miner: Clash of Clans Fresh Capital Troop

The Super Miner represents an enhanced version of the standard Miner unit in Clash of Clans, and with the October update, players now have another troop option to explore and enjoy.

  • Favorite target: None
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 25
  • Movement speed: 24
LevelSuper Miner Barracks LevelHPDPSExplosive Damage

Meet the ‘Endless Haste’ Spell: Clash of Clans Latest Capital Spell

The Clash of Clans October update also introduces a new spell that causes your units to gain speed boost if they come under its effects.

Endless Haste LevelCapital Hall levelSpeed Boost

Goblin Thrower: Clash of Clans New Capital Defense

In the Clash of Clans October update, you can do more than just attack. Now, you can also build the Goblin Thrower to protect your base and its valuable resources.

  • Range: 9 Tiles
  • Damage type: Splash Damage
  • Targets: Ground
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Spawned units: 3x Spear Goblins per Barrel
LevelDistrict Hall LevelCapital Hall LevelBuilding CostHPDPS

Meet the Spear Trap: A New Defense for Your Base

Spear Trap: A Strategic Addition in Clash of Clans October Update

  • Trigger radius: 10 Tiles
  • Damage type: Single target per spear
  • Favorite type: Any
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Minimum housing space required to trigger: 8
Trap LevelCapital Hall LevelNumber of SpearsBuilding CostDamage

Clash of Clans October Update events

Each major update introduces fresh choices, and the latest one is no exception. Now, players who’ve maxed out their bases at level 7 or above have the option to recruit a goblin builder, obtainable for a few gems. Let’s take a look at the details:

  • Resources are still required to upgrade using Goblin Builder.
  • The Gem cost of Goblin Builder depends on the construction time of the upgrade. The longer the upgrade time, the higher the Gem cost.
  • Boosts from the Season Pass will reduce Gem cost.
  • Canceling an upgrade Goblin Builder is working on will still refund the 50% of Resources but the Gems used are not refunded.
  • Any upgrades that remain unfinished when the event ends will continue upgrading until the construction is completed.
  • Goblin Builder can only upgrade one thing at a time.
  • Builder Potions affect the upgrade speed of Goblin Builder.
  • If all Builders and Goblin Builder are currently busy, attempting to start a new upgrade will still give you the cheapest Gem option to complete an upgrade.

A goblin researcher will be available to help players to get one additional research.

Additional Clash of Clans October update changes

  • The Troop info screens have been drastically improved to provide easier to read information, easier access to unit stats, and really cool preview animations of each unit and their abilities! Check them out and let us know what you think!
  • If your Village is “rushed,” attempting to upgrade your Town Hall will give you a notification recommending you upgrade your offensive abilities. While this pop up doesn’t prevent you from upgrading your Town Hall, it serves as a notification that attacking after upgrading your Town Hall may be more difficult if your offensive capabilities aren’t upgraded enough yet.
  • Events now have a dedicated UI button for increased visibility.

Clan Capital changes

  • Capital Hall 8-10 upgrade requirements have been increased due to the addition of low cost neutral buildings in Skeleton Park and Goblin Mines.
  • Storage for Capital Gold increased to 35K.
  • Capital Jump Spell reduced to 1 Housing Space.
  • Clan Elders can now initiate Capital Raids.
  • Capital base links!
  • Capital Raid replays can be viewed from the Raid Weekend Leaderboard.
  • Research UI improved.
  • The Research tooltip will show suggested research options along with their upgrade costs.
  • If you have research currently in progress in your Laboratory, starting another upgrade will give you a Gem cost prompt to complete the current upgrade, similar to if all of your Builders are busy.
  • Clan Castle deployment speed bug if your CC had 8-9 Troops has been fixed.

The new update is now available for install and use on both Android and iOS.

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