Do you ever have a feeling of including something extra in your home decor? Or how you can remodel things, and for that, you are looking for some new home decor ideas, If yes, then this blog of “Top 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas” is for you.

Here, we have put together the top 10 easy home decor ideas that you will be fond of trying for your house decor. All these home decor hacks are really simple and handy so anyone can try them. They’re also fun, compulsive, and interesting. Pick the ones that excite you more and give them a prospect. These hacks can make your life better and can make some things around the house a lot easier and then there are hacks that will allow you to easily add a touch of charm…glam or style to your home in a snap!

Here are the Top 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas that can make your life better

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  • Turn a simple wall into a green wall
  • Turn a ladder into a rack
  • Add wallpapers to your refrigerator
  • Refill your old sofa cushions
  • Make pictures frame out of colorful tape
  • Customize your light bulbs
  • Give life to all dead spaces
  • Paint the floor of your house
  • Turn Teapots into vases
  • Hang mirrors with ropes

Turn a simple wall into a green wall

home decor 1
Green wall decor hack

Our first hack from the top 10 easy home decor ideas is adding greenery to your home is one of the best easy home decor ideas. You can either install a proper green wall or you can opt for a DIY version of the equivalent concept, which is sort of quick and inexpensive. You can attach a few potted plants to the wall with some slabs of wood to turn your simple wall into a beautiful green wall. Add some lights to spotlight it even more, and this is how your one focal wall is covered with a lot of greenery.

Turn a ladder into a rack

diy a frame ladder shelf 95e14986385648168d70df403bb58ef3
Ladder rack:

Our second hack from the top 10 easy home decor ideas is a ladder rack, With its A-frame shape, this ladder shelf provides a modern alternative to a traditional bookcase. it is one of the easy home decor ideas, The A-frame bookshelf is both decorative and useful, and it’s perfect for circumscribing a sofa or tucking into an empty corner. Style the shelving unit with books, decor, artwork, houseplants, and other accessories. If you ever need to change the place of this shelf or pack it up for some extra storage, it’s as simple as removing the shelves and folding them up like a traditional ladder.

The project comes together using wood boards in various lengths, wood glue, nails, and hinges, and it takes about a day to complete, including drying time. You can recast or modify your ladder shelf with paint for a colorful accent or spotlight it with a wooden texture with a stained finish.

Add wallpapers to your refrigerator

3D Fridge Sticker Refrigerator Wrap Freezer Skin Door Cover Wallpaper Kitchen Home Decoration Accessories Modern 3d.jpg Q90.jpg
Add wallpaper to the refrigerator: Aliexpress

If you have a dull refrigerator and you need to recast or modify it’s outer look then this hack from the list of top 10 easy home decor ideas is for you, consider sprucing it up with removable wallpaper. It’s a basic DIY that won’t cost you much money and is easy and sort of quick to attach, and the wallpaper can simply be peeled off. Look for removable or temporary wallpaper options when shopping for wallpaper, as you may want to remove it to try out a different print, this wallpaper hack provides a distinct glance to your refrigerator.

Refill your old sofa cushions

1 navy blue corner sectional sofa Aug222021 1.jpg

Sofas and couches start looking bushy and shaggy after a certain usage time. The once full and fluffy seat and back cushions just don’t look as good as they once did. thus, it need to be refilled in order to give them a new and fresh look. See if the cushions have zippers. Open them up and add some more filling until you’re happy with the result. we hope this sofa hack from our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas will give your house’s old sofa set a fine and new gaze.

Make pictures frame out of colorful tape

Washi Tape Frames
Framing your pics with the help of colorful tape: Parabopress

If you’re thinking for a casual and a smart look for your home decor, then perhaps normal old schooled boring picture frames may not look appropriate as per your choices. Rather you can try an exciting but interesting alternative: picture frames made of washi colorful tape. Basically, you just attach the pictures to the wall and you frame them with colorful tape, this hack will definately give your family or personal pictures a completely beautiful look and surely make them look better in a quick and cheap manner, this hack is the most inexpensive home decor idea in our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas. it will also help you to avoid poking holes in your walls and make frames out of washi colorful tape to hang your snaps in style.

Customize your light bulbs

Use lights creatively:

Adding customized lights is the simplest way to make a home feel warm and spacious. Add multiple customized lights in different areas of the home to create interest and generate the feeling of pleausre. Use white LED lights and several lamps all around to create a warm glow in the house, this hack from the list our top 10 easy home decor ideas will brighten your dim life and pour richness of glow into it and make it shiny.

Give life to all dead spaces

springwood drive tara fust design img b731eb4009aec4c0 14 9000 1 6df99fd
Fill the dead spaces with some articles: Houzz

You can fill all the dead spaces of you house by adding some articles to that places you just need to look around your apartment and identify all the spaces that aren’t currently being used to their fullest. From unused corners to blank walls, from balconies to staircases, challenge yourself to rethink unused spaces to your advantage, this hack from our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas can cost you a bit sometimes but we promise you once you have opt it you will definately acquire a fine look to the dead spaces of your home.

You can purchase a corner storing unit to make it your home bar or convert the staircase into multi-level storage units. Use the top shelves of the cupboard to hide winter clothing in summer or vice-versa.

There is no limit to the ways you can use all the ‘dead spaces’ in your home.

Paint the floor of your house

painted floors blue and white plaid 1581523185
Painted floor: Countryliving

Another hack in our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas is painting your floors , If you ever want to update something in your home you can achieve it by just painting of the floors in your home, You can use these as elegant decorations and give your house floor a cool look , A good floor paint won’t cost you much more than any regular interior paint , You can choose to paint using a color that contrasts with the walls of your house or if you are doing it for bathroom then you need to make them contrasted with tiles.

Turn Teapots into vases

Teapot vase: Desertcast

This is another simple home decor hack from our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas that you can try. Turn your teapots into vases. Teapots are really cute and lovely in shape which allows them to be used as a home decore tool as well, It’s their cuteness that allows them to also be used as vases or simply as decorations without any need for anything elseSo if you have a teapot that is not in use consider using it as a tool for your home decor.

Hang mirrors with ropes

Rope hanging mirror: Pinterest

Last but not the least, another hack in our list of top 10 easy home decor ideas is hang mirror with the help of ropes, You can use a rope to hang your mirror on the wall. This is another cool home decor idea that you can follow. We suggested you to use this hack in the bathroom and give that space a chic, handy, and inexpensive modification this way. But however, you can apply this idea in all sorts of other spaces and situations too.


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Top 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas- Make Life Better!!!
Top 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas- Make Life Better!!!
Top 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas- Make Life Better!!!

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