Let’s discuss the difference between React and Vue.js

Choosing the best JavaScript framework for application development is crucial for businesses. However, the choice depends upon several criteria, including the project’s timeline, the framework’s strength, and the JavaScript development team’s experience.

While there are JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithril, Node.js, Polymer, and others, React.js and Vue.js are the most popular today.

React JavaScript framework

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library for creating advanced user interface web applications. React js uses two main components: 

  1. Virtual DOM 
  2. Diffing algorithm

It is easy to learn and use. React JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing frontend frameworks and is a fantastic JS framework for building simple and complex online applications. 
React.js is a JavaScript toolkit that makes writing rich single-page applications easier and faster.

Popular websites based on React.js:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Twitter


Vue.js is a JavaScript-based, open-source framework that can create different progressive web apps (PWA) on the web and mobile devices. Its creator is Evan You and is an alternative library to Angular or React. It provides a better developer experience as it is easy to use. 

Vue is also easy-to-learn and enjoyable to write in the programming language. Because of its familiar templating syntax and components usage, integrating or moving existing applications to Vue is faster and easier.
Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, and it is a powerful tool for building application interfaces of all stripes. Vue.js is simple, elegant, and lightweight. 

Popular websites based on Vue.js:
  • Behance
  • Gitlab
  • Trivago
  • Statista
Differences between React and Vue.js
Difference between React and Vue.js

Difference between React and Vue.js 

When it comes to pre-built tools and third-party tools, React.js and Vue.js are not equal in terms of functionality.

React is a solution built up of numerous libraries.Vue is a framework
React only uses JSX. JSX can facilitate and speed up complicated tasks. Vue uses both HTML templates and JSX. 
React.js re-renders the entire parent tree even if one child’s state has changed.Vue.js merely re-renders specific HTML tags.
React is a JavaScript-based user interface library. It is currently the most popular library for building user interfaces in JavaScript.Vue is a framework used to create user interfaces. It offers better performance and a more pleasant developer experience.
React has a solid design, can manipulate the DOM, and manages the component state. The React developer community creates and supports all other featuresVue.js has become the de facto JS framework for everyone as it provides exceptional performance, maintainable code, and a well-supported ecosystem.
React.js is used to build both web and mobile-based interactive applications.Vue.js is used to build web-based applications.
React has a Programming style that is elegant with widespread usage and a diverse packaging ecosystem.Vue also has an appealing Programming style, precise documentation details, and a simple learning curve.

While experienced JavaScript programmers may like the level of coding flexibility of React.js, new programmers may be overwhelmed by enormous third-party libraries and tools available. 

Every SaaS company uses vue.js development services for building its frontend applications, the reason is that vue.js is one of the most popular and powerful JavaScript frameworks. This framework is substantial for building reactive websites and apps.


If you want to create a mobile app and a complicated application, you should use React. Because of the enormous skilled workforce of React developers, future maintenance and modification will be considerably simple.

On the other hand, if you want to construct lightweight and easy-to-create online apps, Vue.js is a good solution. Vue’s community is rapidly expanding, but it is still lesser than React’s. The number of contributors, as well as the tools and libraries provided, is improving.

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